Created for real music, not a spec sheet

Back in 1984 three young guys in their early twenties had no idea about life other than the need to make things sound better, there was a salesman and two engineers. They worked from two rooms above a shoe shop in Brighton Sussex, United Kingdom. They made amplifiers by hand and every single one was built by the people that designed them. They owned the company. 40 years later they created the legendary British Hi Fi Manufacturer " Onix Audio"
Now it has become OA21, for a New Age in a New era. 

Videos of our stuff and how it works and all things that should be understood

The DNA 101 is the original DNA 50 with a new upgrade of components . This was created for the designer and his personal sound room . It was so good and so sweet we wanted the world to have it .. This will be released in the second quarter of 2021


This is where we shout about our new stuff and where we get positive about our news, so you can get involved with a great company and we tell you whats happening