What is a sound DNA ?

Back in 1984 three young man in early twenties had drive ambition and the need to make things sound better, it was a salesman and two engineers, and they worked from two rooms above a shoe shop near Brighton United Kingdom. They made amplifiers by hand, and every single one was listened to by the people that made them, they were all built by the people that designed them and owned the company. The word passion is not enough to describe their world.



Ageless is the word we all use for something that does not age . It is the way of describing something that was right from day one . It is what it says on the tin - Ageless

We made the OA21 in 1984 still wanted today 35 Years later


Do you believe everything that is written down ?  Can you really know whats inside the box you buy . No you cant and we cant either

We test each and every component to its demise we test it to the end of its life and beyond we make sure it meets OUR spec not theirs we set the spec for everything we use

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This is where money goes in time and like others our time is valuable  , we will support OUR products as long as you own them, we will give you a telephone number when you buy any of our units, you will be given a direct Email  to contact us  and you will become a member of our family. We always have time for our family

Warranty :- This word is the best yet , what does it mean ?

To repair and rectify a manufacturing fault or failure with a period of time from the date it was purchased
What does it mean to us ?

If it breaks we will fix it ..Simple.. for as long as your own it