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Classic Service - Component Kits to Service Older Units

Limited Supply

The love of our older units has led us to morph our service procedures so we now  provide " Service kits " for our older units. Keeping them musically and functionally perfect .  We provide kits from our stock , that contain everything needed to service the units we consider " Classic "  ( classic means over 25 years old)  . The kits have basic instructions and will include all components known to age and need replacement. You will need to send us pictures of you old ONIX unit,  so we can create the kit for your model and era. The pictures are to be of the inside with the lid off, and the back panel.  We then check the manufacture date and the specification .

The kits contain parts we have approved, parts that are the same value & as identical to the same parts we used in the original , Crucially keeping all amps 100% genuine ONIX AMPS . The parts sound right, fit right, work right , and ARE RIGHT .

The service kits are not just specified the same, they are the RIGHT PARTS that we approve and know sound right.

All parts have been tested and "listened" too before becoming an ONIX Approved part that often give the original life again.

COMPONENTS ARE NOT CREATED EQUAL , the spec sheet cant listen and too often lies.

Many repair guys DO NOT KNOW how amplifiers work, and too often fit unsuitable cheap Chinese parts. We see it all the time. The world has many guys that sell themselves as "audio specialists" , we see the truth far to often when they have screwed up our amps.

 "If we can"  repair their errors , it usually costs you much more. 

Our circuit designs are proprietary  ( Only ONIX OA21 have the circuits we created and we do not give them out ) .

We have yet to find ONE " repair shop"  that repaired our units with the right parts or in the right way .

Amplifiers are not cars , or old TVs, they are years of knowledge and know how, ours are evolved designs , Keep them that way .

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