Classic Service - Component Kits to Service Older Units

Due to changes within the UK, and increasing costs of transportation worldwide, we have morphed our stance and service procedures  to provide " Service kits " for our older units. Keeping them musically perfect .  We will provide kits from our stock , that will contain everything needed to service the units we consider " Classic "  this means over 25 years old . The kits will have instructions and will include all components known to age and need replacement.

The kits contain only parts we have approved, parts that are either the same or as near to the original parts we used in the original , keeping all amps 100% genuine ONIX AMPS . The parts sound right, fit right, work right , and ARE RIGHT .

The service kits are not just specified the same, they are the RIGHT PARTS that we approve and know sound right.

All parts have been tested and "listened" too before becoming an ONIX Approved part .

They will work to keep your units original for another few decades or more .

COMPONENTS ARE NOT CREATED EQUAL , we know the spec sheet cant listen.