The OA21 iconic amplifier which started Onix Audio back in 1984 changed the culture of listening to music. Now 35 years later the legacy is going to the next level of the Legendary OA21. It's time for the LEGACY and another 35 years. The classic OA21 design with the same unique sense of history and better audio quality . No matter what part of the planet you live in you will love it from the moment you get it . You may request a certain serial number and the serial number will be a bonded plate on the base of the unit and engraved on the PCB.  The legacy of British Hi-Fi in 2021



Everything we create we give 100% attention to detail. It all started with one amplifier and now we are creating a range of products to help people enjoy what they love the most. The music.  In this section you will find what we have developed along the way to help us to enjoy the sound we love.

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Every single part counts

Every single parts counts , lets just repeat that EVERY SINGLE PART COUNTS .
Not just the part but how the part is made, and what we think of it . Below is a picture of the inside of an output transistor .
We cut it open to see how its made, how it ticks... after all we know its whats inside that counts

Output Transistor

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