Fine CHOICE, welcome to - OA21 " DESIGNED for music"

In 1984 three young people in their early twenties loved music, and knew things could sound better. There was a salesman and two engineers, they worked from two rooms above a shoe shop in Brighton UK. 1B Sydney Street Brighton ONIX AUDIO was born, they designed and made audio amplifiers
35 years later ONIX AUDIO is a British legacy - Now OA21 Icon Ltd -  In a New Age, New era with a New Legacy, same team.


The legacy is based on the classic OA21 re-designed by the original designers. It has eclipsed the original by creating a better sound-stage and having more power . A new heat-sink design and  new transformer design .With the original classic timeless look
The only products worthy of the title OA21 legacy

Is there an ultimate way to describe a full size amp that lets you hear music better than ever did ? Its selected components being just a few a year out of hundreds tested means we know its the best.  Components are matched so S/N ratio is the best ever achieved in any discrete amp .

We know this is the best and you will too if you hear it



Speaker Stabilizers are crucial for a great bass and an sharp top end in any music system . If the speakers are not solid to the floor that move, and as that's what the bass and the top end need to work how can these awesome devices not make things sound better
Well that's all they do make it even better

The ultimate turntable stand ...Oh yes who needs one, we all have thought that. Until we listen .to the difference
Then we discover the need for ideal sonic isolation .
We have achieved just that , if you not sold on the idea..
Just Listen then tell us we are wrong