yesterdays is gone today is here

It seems that a vast number of audio enthusiasts live in yesterday. We cannot work out why .

In 2020 the world changed, people changed , the future changed, we were all forced to change how we think and how we move about . How we buy things, and how we deal with the future . Some lived in their bubble and didn't see past their front door . Some moved forward and addressed life . It affected the people that had a great life more than those that just exist . Its now 2021 ....We will only go forward...

We have at last been able to do what we were set up to do in June 2020. Sell products , and we are introducing the OA21 Legacy soon, an OA21 with a remote and a new design . We will be able to offer these to anyone that knows we are progressive and have to make things better . These are not for people that live in yesterday, or think things are as they always have been, when HIFI was a kit amp in Maplin . Its now 2021

We are OA21 Icon Ltd, we are not yesterday .... Yesterdays gone ....The future is here NOW and we embrace it.