We need to keep things real

After long discussions on the phone with one of our managers we have decided to re introduce the


We have decided its time to address some of the rubbish that is posted on line. We do this because we know its got worse and confuses people . Forums are typically frequented by people that have far too much time to look at their computer and to live in their bubble of an alternate universe.

We live in the real world, as do most others and we create things worth having.

We are going to make the Icons as agreed and we are going to make the legacy as intended . We will make the DNA101 and the DNA 50

We will offer these for sale and will offer a service that allows collection . We will allow delivery to local dealers and we will promote third party intervention for satisfaction .

We will only sell to those that we think appreciate what we do and how much effort goes in . We have many customers that don't live on forums . They are awesome and we look after them, we are not a mass market company and don't want to be . You are as unique as we are

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