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Sadly ..... :(

We must draw a line on our old products , and 30 years is that line . We will not answer any emails or offer any support for these old units past the end of the month .

But you now have a chance to keep them going

Send us a picture of you old ONIX units inside, and we will make up a service kit for your unit to keep it in top form .

We have to stop supporting these products that are over 30 years old as parts we have left are finite , they don't make them any more .

We know what it needs and we know what it "should" sound like and these genuine parts will run out ,grab them while you can , we guess these will run out in weeks not months .

One kit for one price, and when these parts are gone we will no longer support anything over 30 years old as we wont be able to .

Make it awesome for another 30 years don't wait for it to just die .

Contact us here NOW

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