WE are pleased to announce ....

...... that we will shortly join in our ability to accept all payments. This enables us and you to have 100% peace of mind for deliveries and purchase of our great stuff .

We will use to process 100% of all our transactions on line . We have a 100% confidence in this system

This is how it works :-

1:- You place an order, we invoice and process an order with our expected delivery date . We advise you of the total cost so you are aware what you will have to pay to when the unit is made and ready for shipment ... NO PAYMENT IS MADE ON ORDER ONLY WHEN READY TO SHIP .

2:- When the unit is ready for shipment we instigate a payment link so that you pay

3:- We then ship the unit insured, and you have three days to approve the unit after delivery. You sign for it before we get ANYTHING from . You get the unit , THREE DAYS LATER we get paid ...... Sweet

4:- If we do not ship the unit, we do not get paid by, and you receive a full refund within 14 days from After we have not shipped the unit .......Even sweeter for everyone perfect solution.

5:- We do not get your money until we shipped your unit . Sweet both ways & 100% security for both of us.

Awesome solution to the problem of on line high value sales .. ESCROW.COM . Its the future for all of us.