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Proudly independent ..

We are independent and we make great stuff for independent people that know why we do it . Those that have a mind of their own, not those that follow the crowd . Is that you ?

If that's not you we understand, but we have the best amps there are. We have made a choice to make an extremely limited numbers for those audio people that understand us as people and our great products. If you like what we make you can work it out ,without being told by others what to do. We are free thinkers . People who love music if that's who you are . You are our customer, an individual person with a name and appreciation of music and how it should sound . You know what you like so do we . We are real music sound lovers .

We will not force our products down your throat with marketing hype and expanded expectation , we openly make music sound great, so you can enjoy what you own better than you ever did . We have sold to many famous people, of course we cant name them anymore than we name any of our customers . Talk to us

if you like music it starts ..... HERE

This is what you get .. no such thing as cheap

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