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  • 20210827

the world has changed .. and its now 2022 but

The point is ... We have all had a roller coaster ride with incompetent governments controlling people by lock downs that clearly don't work to fix the problem . We have learned that our elected officials are useless, its now up to us to change that.... all of us need to find a way to move forward . The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result, will someone explain this to the idiots at the top .. WORLDWIDE

We as a company like so many others go the way that works best for us and our customers , and we will do what we need to do , to help us progress. We are proud of our stance and its what good companies do. Its what good people do, and its what good countries do . It what is missing in so many areas now .

In 2022 we will be changing how we sell our products and to whom , we welcome buyers that understand how life changes and what it brings everyday , we welcome those that don't live in the past, and we welcome those that understand what real HIFI is .... more than this who makes real HIFI.

We will continue to make great products for the those that want them, and know how to enjoy music for what it sounds like when played on a well made and designed system . Even in a crazy ill informed lock down era , music makes our homes a better place.

Have a great new year, and embrace the world we live in.... don't live in the past, its insane.

ITS 2022

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