Please help us to understand ...WHY !!

Its clear that the entity of a UK limited company is still not understood by some people.

If you can explain to us how this is not understood, we would love to hear from you to tell us why.

The link below explains what a limited company is and how it works . Please read it .

OA21 LTD is a UK company

( Limited by shares )


( Limited by shares )

ONIX GB LTD is a UK company

( Limited by shares )

The above companies have different classification and do different things and are independent of each other

A Limited company " is legally separate from the people who run it " it is an entity with it own life

The above companies have directors and staff, and they work to do a job, they are NOT the company and they do not get any payment from the goods sold , they work for the company and are paid by the company .

When you buys goods or services you pay the company , at no time do you pay an individual , and all payments are made to the company bank account, all goods are supplied by the company and no individual receives any money for the goods . If you pay any company never pay to an individual only to the company and its payment account

No individual is EVER paid directly by the customer and any redress is from the company you paid not any individual working for it . Any use of individual names is illegal and malicious

We have posted this update prior to taking action against others for damage to reputation of our people.