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OWN IT ... Its yours

Covid hit the planet in 2020 and it took us all by storm we were sold B**L S**T by the governments of the world and the corporate world hid behind it as an excuse . Service died and so did our freedom of choice .

Airlines cried all the time and everyone single part of daily operation was affected .. it was a nightmare for all of us .

Then people woke up , we were lied too and now its clear as to why we accepted less and its time we bit back .

Corporates cut cost with on line existence expanded and cost cutting staff, offices and service , with excuses of Covid as a reason why. Deep down we all knew none of the original service would return and its clear it wont .

Great news is here ... we are OA21

We are still here and ready for our season in September 2022 , music and HIFI is to be owned , music is not to be rented , its to be enjoyed the way it was recorded .

This means not being streamed, or compressed by MP3 ( MP3 is 20% of original musical content ) or Apple " Lossless " which is not much more than MP3 . Music is to be listened too when you want it , not when it suits the provider.

Its your expression of choice and freedom . Its fantastic if your not missing most of it.

Music is not " Retro " its original in every single way .. Own your music and your life with it ..Neither is virtual .

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