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  • Kane L CEO

our new CEO

I am pleased to introduce myself as the new OA21 CEO , my name is Mr Kane Luttrell.

I will be talking over in Jan 2023 after a transition period this month ( December 2022 ) . Adam will work on new products, pursuing perfection that OA21 is all about , it's his talent and needed time required to make things happen.

Now I can make OA21 the company it needs to be . We will work with defined roles within our team. My direction is to bring the company bang up to date with a new drive and focus .

Its clear OA21 has some work to do to rebuild what we are, and what we really need to do for the customer.

Our unique products are made for you . Adam started ONIX AUDIO in 1984 and now its time for OA21 to open a new chapter and create new history with OA21 . Maintaining the ONIXDNA in everything we make and sell.

If you want to contact me about anything, please E Mail me directly .

Kane Luttrell ( CEO )

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