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ONIX OA21 Amp , Proud of 40 yrs support but...

The OA21 we made in the 80s has been the corner stone of ONIX AUDIO since day 1 . We made 1000s and we supported them for , 14600 days / 480 Months , or 40 years. More than any other company we ever heard of .

From our design day one Its 41 years old now, and until this year - Jan 2024 - we have supported it with a renovation or service support along the way , we have been honored that so many people loved what we made and we have enjoyed seeing them back after years of service for renovation .. We made thousands of these units and made thousands of people smile every day they used them . People still love them , we are proud of that

But ....

The time has come to retire ALL SUPPORT ( we have stopped support to do with the original OA amps made between 1984 and 1994 ) Its time to let them fade away if they fail . Let them go. The correct parts are getting so hard to get, and even when people want them repaired moist st dont want to pay for the skill-set and years of knowledge of how to do it. We do not compromise or bodge we designed this stuff we know what it needs . No one else does

Why did we stop ?

We get units in after others have bodged them with bad/Inferior or incorrect parts. Fitting these parts with no knowledge of what we do to make our amps sound so good and work so well . They often have bad soldering and have broken the PCB by soldering with welding guns not precision soldering irons , they come in glued and held together with tape, with parts that are wrong in every way. TV "repair men" typically do this . We get units scratched beyond recognition , some with missing knobs or worse we get them altered so they just work but sound terrible in the process . We have been shocked at how bad most repair people now are. We renovate them from this !!! Worse than all of this is people want it done for hardly any money. We just cant do this the way we we want to for what people are willing to pay so we have decided enough is enough for the 80s OA range.

On the 15th February 2024 we will not support them anymore in any way via any channel .

We will not supply any parts , or any information regarding repairs , we will not renovate them, and we will not enter in to conversation regarding them . We will not support them in any way . Sadly it has to be final .

These amps were and no doubt will remain a legacy of ONIX AUDIO created by Adam W , Tony Brady & Craig Hill. but like every living thing there has to be an end .. 15th February is that end for the 80s amps we made it has to be final we wont fix them for free , and all technical support must be sought from elsewhere

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