OA21 Icons for free.

We are OA21 Icon Ltd , nothing to do with ONIX GB LTD. We are a separate company.

We have now been able to assist with some past problems of ONIX GB LTD ( In Liquidation )

While under no obligation. One of our directors decided that with a few exceptions he will personally purchase the required number of OA21 ICONS for all customers that did not get a refund by their bank for the goods they bought from ONIX GB LTD. He will supply the units free of charge for the cost of carriage to those customers once the units are built .

He does this without prejudice and without any legal obligation . He suffered extensively from effects of Covid 19 and no longer works with us, but he is in a position and willing to do this for those that had faith and patience, while understanding his situation and how it affected ONIX GB LTD during the world crisis. We think this is a really nice thing to do considering our knowledge of what he has been through. We thank him.

If you consider you are part of this offer, we invite you to apply by emailing us and supplying us with copies of your receipts, and proof you have NEVER had a refund from your bank or by ONIX GB LTD. We will need a signed declaration of this from you in due course.

NOTE:- Exceptions

Our director has also made it clear there are a few exceptions to this offer. Those that have been destructive by posting lies and false accusations in the media with now pending litigation against them . He told us who they are so please don't contact us . We are not ONIX GB LTD and cannot assist.

OA21 Icon Ltd