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Intellectual Property rights .. What are they ?

Intellectual property rights ( IP Rights ) confuse many people, seemingly those without corporate knowledge.

IP Rights are property, like a house or a car but they exist on paper and not physically . They have value and are owned, and can change hands for money . In some cases one company owns many trade marks and many IP rights as is the case of Apple ( Apple trade mark list )

IP Rights are owned by companies and people, and they do not have to be owned by the people or companies that use them . They are as the title says " a right " that can be licensed or sold .

Onix IP Holdings Ltd - has always owned all IP rights and the intellectual property of our corporate structure. ( OA21 Ltd , ONIX GB Ltd , and others ) ONIX IP HOLDINGS LTD was set up to " hold " the rights and maintain them . In turn ONIX IP Holdings ltd receives a fee from various companies that use them to manage and hold the rights for the companies that work within them . This is normal for most corporate structures and as such the IP rights are not the assets of the companies that use them . IP Rights stand alone and as such work independently and should they change hands they are not an asset of any company that licenses them or uses them . Unless they are owned .

Example of the rights owned by ONIX IP HOLDINGS Ltd

Trade marks , design rights , websites , social media sites , and all other intangible assets are owned by ONIX IP HOLDING LTD and licensed to others for use as they are not owned by any other company .

What does this all mean to you our customer ?

OA21 pays ONIX IP HOLDINGS Ltd to use the trade marks ,social media and websites it uses , OA21 does not own them . Onix IP holdings also owns the designs that it works with , the designs and the trade marks are used in strict license contracts, which allows OA21 Ltd to do what it does best, without the worry and huge cost of enforcement for infringement of its rights, or the cost of maintaining the IP rights it uses. This means we have an ability to grow and diversify to other ventures with the freedom to benefit from the asset without its initial cost that of course belongs to ONIX IP HOLDINGS Ltd

In one sentence - it makes us a stronger company each and every day

We hope its clear to the few that cant understand this - Its time we got back to work

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