Intellectual property rights and their use.

We have received a number of emails from people regarding an unrelated Ltd company. We are a team that has created OA21 for our love of the great little amp by the same name. We know how to make it and don't think it should be cast to history. No manufacture is easy at this point in time, so we are inviting people to register interest for us to make the final ones. We will not take any payment for registering interest on or before these amps are made. We have this rare chance and offer it to those that care.

Our Intellectual Property Rights :-

We have the intellectual property rights to build certain designs. All intellectual property rights of OA21 Icon Ltd are owned by ONIX IP HOLDINGS LTD and they license them to us . We have made this clear many times and we would ask you to understand this.


We are not able to access any data from from any other company as the GDPR prevents us from doing so.

We cant deal with any inquiries regarding other companies , Sending emails that do not relate to our company wont be replied too. We are a small team dedicated to making great amps and wish to be allowed to do so without false accusation and misunderstanding of who we are .

Thank you .

OA21 Icon Ltd