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Here we go ... NOW Manufacturing the OA21 icon

OA21 Ltd

In 2020 the world was stalled by Covid19 , some suffered irreparable damage. Internet trolls hounded our CEO as he became a victim of a structured troll attack. Trolls are pathetic people who have too much time on their hands, this was worse in during covid lock-downs.


The trolls were not even our customers, even though they claimed they were .Trolls get joy out attacking successful people online, and run away when offered the chance to meet face to face, they never consider how it affects others or their families . They hide behind fake names and often attack the people that run companies as they can find their name on public lists . They struggle to differentiate between a company and a person . They often have no idea how companies are structured or even how they work . They frequent forums far to often . Its normally a form of jealously that drives them to do this,we continue to pity them.

Our CEO chose to support his other ventures during this time . He did this even though his passion and love was always ONIX, Fortunately he is a strong person, so does not respond to the ignorance of others and carry's on as required . We are proud to have had his support during this hard time and look forward to our new products.

We are at last making the OA21 icon, and we will be selling it to people that know how good it is. Our CEO chose to help us make it, and its clear he has done a fine job with the new model . We will take orders when they have been made and tested. We have also agreed reviews with magazines , and we will only make 35 Icons .

Payment will be made to a third party and dispatched from them , we will publish details soon .

A Thank you from us

We will ship two OA21 Icons to two selected people ( TBA ) that have given us complete understanding of what we went through and supported us all the way in the last 2 years , as a thank you for their support and belief in us . We guarantee these people will not be trolls

We are OA21 and we have started the engine

The OA21 Icon. 1/35

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