First in, FIRST OUt - with shortages

In 2020 severe shortages in the consumer manufacturing industry took hold . We knew that the delays and effect would be about 12 months, before the end user felt it. We created and designed systems for careful management of structure. We prepared to make sure we could make what we sell and ship within 3 days of payment . We looked at banking and methods for our security as well as the buyers . We did what we had too . We will not be victims of trolls or fraud the way many have proven easy targets of

We will stock product for sale, and allow the user to choose from built stock , We will not take any orders until shipment is certain to be fixed with 48 hrs , We could see that the consumer is so far removed from the reality of global supply chains and how long things take to effect them. We needed to make our systems cater for these misunderstandings of supply so that we safeguard all of our staff and customers.

We will shortly start production of our new products . We know its been worth the wait so will others.