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Craig Hill, was an original ONIX AUDIO founder

Craig Hill, one of the original founders of ONIX AUDIO in 1984 who sold the first ever ONIX Amplifiers in his fathers shop " Brighton Hifi " sadly passed away in January 2022. Our condolences are with his family.

We would like to acknowledge the efforts that Craig put in to ONIX AUDIO during the early years . He was not directly involved in the design of the OA21 but had crucial input in to what it became by virtue of his enthusiasm for it . He and his fathers shop were a major contributor to early sales until he left in ONIX 1986 . He loved HIFI and vinyl ,

and loved talking to magazine editors, he did this with passion and enthusiasm that made them listen to him . He went on to support his belief in ONIX, when he set his own shop up in Southampton as he continued to sell ONIX products .

All too often the history of ONIX has been distorted by so many along the way , but those early years are what made ONIX AUDIO and the OA21 so loved by so many . It took a team of people of which Craig was one . Although our principle owner has not be in contact with Craig for some time , we all acknowledge he was crucial to ONIX AUDIO and its place in history .

If there is another life, we have no doubt HIFI will play a role for him there. RIP Craig.

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