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can sound be heard with just any PCB ?

Not when it needs a certain type of board, with a certain type of weight, made in a specific way with a certain type of materiel , by a certain type of company. Even then will it sound great ?

Well no it wont if any of the above is wrong, Oh but its just a PCB !!! Never seen ... but always heard .

We have had meetings and long chats with suppliers , this alone is what it took to set things in motion. Its taken ages and loads of dedication , striving for our need to get awesome sound we knew it was the only way forward .

Yesterday will never come again , today is with us, we are getting there with the new venture and we welcome those that want to come on our journey , those with new eyes and an open mind with the love of music and pursuit of its integrity . The world is starting after a glitch lets all embrace it .

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