Amazing offer .. but where are you !!

A week ago we offered to replace to any unit that has not been refunded by ONIX GB LTD that was ordered before ONIX GB LTD closed due to Covid 19 . This offer is for those that have a valid claim.

The condition is simple, - we will send out for the cost of carriage any unit that you have not had a refund for, that was bought from ONIX GB LTD when it closed due to Covid 19 .

All you need to do is prove you did not have a refund, or confirm in writing you did not have a refund . Then supply us with details of who you are, and the paperwork you have from ONIX GB LTD. as well as the unit type you ordered . Simple but you must have proof

This generous opportunity was given by one of our directors ( under his choice ) agreeing to buy the units from us with his own money. Some have claimed using online media that ONIX GB LTD did not supply or refund orders . Claims we believed were false and claimed by people with no claim at all.

Some kept claiming they have not had any refunds or goods, so with the exception of a couple that are in process for our July delivery, we don't know who you are - so help us by claiming your goods, we are giving you the chance to get what you say your are owed . Come forward to us , talk to us don't shout on social media . Talk to us if you are real, and get what you say was not supplied ...were waiting .

In one week NO ONE has come forward to claim this offer ... so where are they ? Why don't they claim ?

We believed the claims were false, .. and it certainly seems we are right.

We are OA21 Icon and we are getting ready for our new range of amps .