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No Business is flawless

The world has endured Cvoid19 for nearly 2 years , it time we all moved on . Some businesses have prospered and some have suffered , when things slow down the bills still arrive , as do the ongoing costs of any successful company . Its times like this that no matter who works within the company tolerance and acceptance is crucial as is flexibility .

We are OA21 Ltd we were set up to retail our own products . We along with many others were affected by Covid19 to an extreme level . We took the hard choice of reducing costs and overheads by scaling down . We made the right choice for us and we are proud of what we have done . We are still here and are getting stronger. What does not kill us makes us stronger but it takes time and that is just reality .

We design and make great HIFI and we will be inviting dealers to sell our products in the new year . Eventually all our on line sales will be closed .

Local agents are best suited to demonstrate HIFI in the way that's best for the listener , with the best amps for the job. After all music will never be virtual .. anymore than your ears are .

We make our equipment for those that know real HIFI in true physical form , not for those that believe the buying hype created by people that have nothing more productive to do , we believe in music and reproduction of great sound, we know it makes the world a better place , and we are one of the last companies to really understand what that means to all of us .

Its what we do and have done for years.

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