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CEO Chief Executive Officer - Kane Luttrell

The music made me

 I’m a 25 year old man with a musical soul. I suppose it makes sense to start at the beginning of my audio journey… Like many kids, I was interested in music from before life began . One of my earliest memories was listening to my dad’s favorite Elvis albums through his B&O system It was glorious. I started playing piano at 6, and guitar at 10. I really took to the guitar and played in a couple of bands. I gigged as much as I could as a teenager. Looking back I consider myself very fortunate to not have permanently damaged my ears - it doesn’t matter how loud we played, it was never loud enough! We all know that reality .


At 14, our band decided to record an E.P. I still remember setting up the ‘studio’. My curiosity for sound really begun when I started to focus on the audio quality (or lack there of it) . It didn’t matter how many times we re-arranged the microphone, or adjusted the input gain, it just sounded…well…not good.  Now of course, our low level equipment played a tremendous part in this result - but I knew then that there was so much about audio to learn that I couldn’t even comprehend. I suppose this was where the journey truly began.

Then it happened

I began being a DJ when I was at university in Bristol studying Aerospace Engineering. The course was enjoyable, but the partying & music was what memories are made of  .  During this time I went to an event at the Ministry of Sound in London. To this day, I don’t think I have been to a club with a more complete sound system. It was awesome. 


A few years passed and having moved back to the U.K. after securing a new job. I picked up the phone one day and made a call to guy named Adam Worsfold. An expected 5 minute call turned into a 3 hour conversation. We talked about the important things in life: business, family… and of course music. We developed a working friendship instantly - which I thought was interesting considering he’s old enough to be my dad.  Fast forward a couple months and we met in person for the first time. He brought along the DNA-Ultimate. We hooked it up to my rig and honestly it blew me away. I’d never heard anything quite like it. After some pestering, Adam decided to open it up and give me a bit of an education as to what was going on. I quickly realised there was a clear stroke of genius to Adams’ understanding of electronics, but also with his ability to deliver true, quality sound through his engineering talents in a box that is priceless in it finish and engineering .


As they say - the rest is history -  I became a new member to the OA21 family. I am looking to take OA21 in a new direction having recently been appointed the new CEO.  Adam is still a key, integral part of the team and working to make products even better as the CTO ( Chief Technical Officer ) , leaving me to take the company forward . Who would have though a 5 min call would lead to me being the CEO. Amazing it can only be good .


I have come to understand what the business faced during Brexit, and then the COVID pandemic. Unprecedented circumstances created challenges beyond our control, and somewhat stalled all business. However, we are still here, to reignite the flame of OA21 with its deep rooted 38 year history and a new young highly direction by me.


I have a mission moving forward. I will detail this mission very soon for you all. It is truly an exciting time for OA21. Strap in it’s a ride you will love .

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