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Our Journey 1984 > > 20XX

ONIX to OA21 - our Journey & A music TIMELINE

Our history spans 40 years , we have made great amps for all of those years.

The internet has changed everyone , with great access to information , but equally with information that is false and untrue created by "social media hearsay " .

After 40 years, facts can only come from the people involved.

This is our history , its how we got here, enjoy the music we listened to along the way .


Onix Audio formed with 2 engineers and a sales man.
Adam Worsfold,Tony Brady & Craig Hill

The ONIX OA20 created by these guys and was sold in the UK

Products launched - OA20

Queen was " the in band " famous for the 1985 
LIVE AID  Concert

1986 >

1990 the company now a 100% owned by Adam Worsfold for past 5 years.  ONIX was producing the BWD 1 and had a new product range envied by all, the company was world known. When Adam Worsfold sold the company in 1991 he kept the brand  ONIX , he had built it and he retained his brand. This being a new style of corporate sale in the 90s
ONIX continued under limited licence agreements

Products Launched - OA24 , OA601 , OA801

Sting was at his peak and his music was getting better


1995 >

After the Chinese owners did little to make any impact & their products had none of the original ONIX qualities following none of the ONIX paths set by the founders
ONIX was not British or a true audiophile company during this era, and It really cannot be considered

Products Launched - NONE

ONIX was a victim of time lost. Pink Floyd say it best 

2010 >

In 2020 the world was hit by Covid 19 , no one knew how it would change people or their lives . In 2020 the owner of ONIX AUDIO Adam Worsfold ( now our CTO ) chose to assign "some" IP rights to the same Chinese Company that used it in the 1995-2010 timeline. It was a peace offering for the new era  - the brand will always be ours. We are the original Onix Audio in the UK with all its DNA  but with a more vibrant team for  "OA21"
We have new direction and a new drive.

Products Lunched - DNA ULTIMATE  / OA21 Legacy

Ed Sheeran redefined how music is marketed and how music sounds, we are doing the same with OA21

< 1984

The brand "ONIX" was registered in the UK for the very first time by Adam Worsfold, now the sole owner since 1985 . The new OA21 was selling along side the original OA20 and was now outpacing OA20 sales 2 : 1 ONIX started international sales .

Products launched - OA21 & BWD1

Anita Baker was the album of choice for quality and demo

< 1990

 MP3 a compressed music format that has less than 20% of the original sonic content ,it took hold with a drastic reduction of quality when the consumer embraced MP3 in pursuit of convenience . The new owners used the name ONIX on cheap Chinese generic Audio Products ...
Dark Days Indeed

Products Launched - NONE

  Oasis were " The " band that seemed unstoppable

< 2009

After ONIX "the brand" and its DNA had been virtually lost, Adam Worsfold , the original owner stopped the unlicensed use of the brand on Chinese products and regained its ownership . ONIX AUDIO then returned to it`s core values with a new range of products designed by Adam then launched in 2016. ONIX was always loved by thousands now again on the map . The original classic ONIX OA21 was still the reference for so many with sonic qualities being the corner stone of the ONIX OA21, even if things had changed with the world

ONIX was back


Products  launched - DNA 50 and DNA 45

Adele defined the decade from 2010

< 2020

20XX >

The team that built the new 2010 - 2020  ONIX product range ( DNA50 - DNA45 -OA21 Legacy - DNA 50  n the UK ) , when Covid 19 hit the world were well on the way to lauching ONIX OA21 to breath new life in to ONIX AUDIO for a new generation  . Adam Worsfold ( the original founder of ONIX AUDIO in the  UK )  agreed to help us and assist us to create our own direction. OA21 Ltd was created  to keep the real UK HIFI tradition going . Creating a completely historic iconic brand  - OA21  - with a younger drive and focus , embracing the world we all now live in.  We are a company with 40 years of AUDIO DNA  we create, unrivaled quality and we make our Amps to be the best  amps ever. Forever.
We look forward to the future and working with people that know HIFI with unrivaled quality. We welcome our new direction.

Welcome to OA21 ltd & the British Legacy OA21  >  Real coming of age in 2022  with - OA21



When the OA21 was designed 35 years ago we simply did not know a classic was actually born. No one knew that the simple three knob minimalist design and unique sonic audio design would stand the test of time and become a part of so many families . All electronic designs have changed over and over but the OA21 was truly a timeless classic . Like a classic Rolex watch, or Rolls Royce silver shadow , pure , perfect and built with passion by people not machines  - The OA21 was built to last  for generations not years. 
We at OA21  will make sure nothing changes the heart that goes in.
Behind every design there are an important structures for how it is created, people do that ,computers don't.
We are Manufacturers, its in our DNA , we know it's important to understand what you are buying and why.

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