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THE Facts

There is no claim against OA21 Ltd of any kind .

They have no claim against Adam Worsfold of any kind .

They have never paid us for anything at any point in any way .

They have never spoken to us

We guess its their world of too much free time.


We use time to build great amps 

 Our world is here enjoy 

Internet Trolls

" Stuart Frazer " & "Nye Samual " along with a few of their followers , have continually attacked ONIX and OA21  via social media posts and forums . These people have never been our customers . We have never hidden our dislike for facebook and the fact we do not have any account with them so they structured a continued assault against us for the past few years during the covid crisis using social media . OA21 and ONIX AUDIO have never sold any product to these people EVER . - NOTHING  We have supplied everything we sold.  We accept credit cards. We then call, by phone  on receipt of an order to confirm your details, after an order is placed. You are protected against anything by way of your credit card guarantee. "The above named people have never ever paid OA21 Ltd or ONIX AUDIO  - ANYTHING EVER, or spoken to any of us  at any point for any reason . We do not have their details to call them .

We are aware Stuart Frazer, created a page on facebook and Nye Samual is a fellow conspirater and avid forum contributor. They claim OA21 ltd did not deliver product they bought from OA21 Ltd  THIS IS False , Our owner Adam Worsfold has offered to meet them but they never take it up. They hide behind forums and typify whats wrong with social media and what is published using it  . We ask you disregard these lies and talk to us with your questions, and we will gladly call you back on any matter . If you dont like what we do, thats fine - but tell us before you believe social media lies and the posts on it .



 Provide an invoice created by us to the above named people and we will give you a DNA Ultimate amp worth 3995 GBP  for free.

This offer is open to anyone . * to date no one has taken this offer up *

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