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Basic Facts


4 years later , and there is no legal claim against OA21 Ltd of any kind from the people named in this notice

They have never paid OA21 or AW for anything at any point in time .

They have never spoken to us.

Why don't they take legal action if what they have posted is true ?

Its false that's why .

 Our great world is - here - welcome 

Internet Trolls

"You do not get to the top by being like everyone else"

We name " Stuart Frazer " & "Nye ( Leon ) Samual " and soon a few of their gathered followers , as those that have continually attacked ONIX , OA21 and  Adam Worsfold,  with fake social media posts . We wish to balance this social media fabrication by stating the facts below.  Facts we can back up with reality .

The Facts

The above named people have NEVER been our customers and have NEVER BEEN MY  FRIENDS ,  furthermore WE HAVE NEVER TAKEN ANY MONEY FROM THEM ,

Facebook History

My dislike for Facebook is well known, having NEVER had a Facebook account .  For reasons unknown these people  structured a continued assault against us in the last four years. They did this during and after the Covid crisis using social media , and in particular using Facebook  as their mouthpiece.  They define societal issues with their lack of ability or knowledge to differentiate  companies and people that work for them. They define trolls .

Sale of products to these people

We have never sold any product to these people EVER . - NOTHING  Payments by credit cards always come with a credit card charge back guarantee , even so "The above named people have never ever paid OA21 Ltd  anything . We do not have their details on file, to be able to contact  them and  they did not provide their details  to us at any point.

Trolling (  posting  for attention  )

We are aware Stuart Frazer, created a page on Facebook and Nye Samual is a fellow conspirator, both are avid forum contributors. We are aware they say they paid for goods - THIS IS FALSE . They claim we did not deliver product they bought  - THIS IS FALSE , They claim our CEO took payment from them personally - THIS IS FALSE .    They hide behind user names, typifying whats wrong with social media .  They never use their real names when creating  lies they publish   . THIS IS TRUE.

Why did they do it ?

Mental health is a serious issue in the world today - we understand that those suffering such health issues deserve help and tolerance . However we must ask you to disregard these people and  contact us with your questions, we will gladly call you back on any matter . If you don't like what we do, that's your choice - but talk to us before you believe  the trolls on social media, or excessive contributors that clearly have mental health issues , such as those named above . Keep an open mind and don't feed the trolls , that's what they want you to do, it just keeps them alive with no benefit to society or themselves .


 Provide any invoice created by us to the above named people, and we will give you a DNA Ultimate amp worth 4995 GBP  for NOTHING

This offer is open to anyone.

(*  No one has taken this offer up in 3 years * )

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