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DNA50 Review Hi Fi Answers

Quote :- "This really is quite a special product. Stylish, slim, powerful, tuneful, musically engaging and - unusually for a British built product - a fit and finish up there with the very best from Germany, Japan and USA."

Quote :- "The DNA-50 amplifier has a real solidity and assuredness that you don’t even bother to seek out "  you simply sit back, relax, spin your favourite tunes and be comprehensively drawn right in by the clarity, power and emotion of the music."

Quote :- "The DNA-50 unveils plenty of detail and lets you know what's going on without making you think about the sound: in other words, the emphasis is on the music."


Enough Said ....


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Concert Audio -Germany

The DNA-50 is, in many ways, the most impressive affordable amp we’ve heard in years. Not the best, per se, but the one that did the most to win us over, with its excellent build quality, its musically incisive and involving performance, and its attractive level of value.“