Voiceless people that troll ONIX ...Now exposed

Welcome to the world of " Trustpilot " and fake Reviews .. We fight Back on our terms

Troll post of the year Trustpilot .

We like to do our bit for "care in the community " we CAN name them too

We hold our head up high, and say it as it is , its called  equal terms .


Bryan Welter

(Internet Troll)

42 RUE Charles de Gaulle 90500, BEAUCOURT


Congratulations : - Its taken us a while to find out who you are but we did the, the ultimate little man

We have never ever done any business or taken any money from Bryan Welter, yet he constantly posts wherever he can or is allowed too, and claims we scammed him. He seems to have a personal issue with our Onix. Only he knows his reasons why we sure don't. We suspect he is a sick man .

We have no idea who he is !!! We have never met him or ever done anything with him !!

We will gladly meet with him, and video the meeting at our lawyers office, we will post it here. We welcome his proof OA21 Icon Ltd  has ever done anything with him . We will welcome the chance to serve him with the documents we have prepared for him in the UK for the lies he has been posting about us .

.. just let us know when Mr Welter we look forward to it