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Become part of our unique history.


The OA21 DNA Ultimate

The DNA 101 Ultimate Only by OA21, re defining so many traditional qualities, it begs the question
"where has this been all your life" ? More over its time to listen to music how it was meant to be heard.
Ask yourself are you able to handle it ?

The ONIX OA21 is the original iconic amplifier. it started the brand ONIX AUDIO  in 1984, we created the half box size and upgrade path.
We changed the culture of listening to music & was always created for real lovers of sound.  Now years later THE OA21s  has a son. The OA21 LEGACY with the same unique sense of timeless quality that ONIX AUDIO created, so no matter what part of the planet you live on music will make your memories

You will love the new OA21 legacy from the moment you own it . Yes OWN it .

Every unit has a serial number exclusively for each person that buys it . It is yours from order to delivery.
The serial number is a bonded plate on the back of the unit and engraved on the PCB , it is unique.
Pure A/B traditional pure class perfect amplification. Made by a British Manufacturer for you.

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