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Adam Worsfold
  What is he about ?

This is a glimpse in to who I am .  I am an extremely private person that lives with a high degree of respect for anyone's  desire to remain private .  Privacy has been lost in the social media world of desire / need for recognition. I have never been shy or introverted,  and I am someone that will enjoy a drink with people I like, but I do chose to separate my personal life and my business life quite aggressively. In my world personal and business are not the same and must exist in a separate box , I enjoy talking to anyone, but likewise when I am at home its my life not anyone else's.  I enjoy music & creativity along with my inner circle of friends.  I rest and relax at home, and I enjoy my work or I would not do it   , I do not live to work as so many do these days .

ONIX AUDIO is in me .. Its why we make great stuff

I  started to build ONIX AUDIO when I was just 21 years old, with a very close friend of mine Tony Brady. Tony was and remains an excellent electronic engineer.  We had both served at Thorn EMI as apprentices, and it must be said we were rebellious young guys .  We were not corporate drones that bought the lie of a standard life with 2.4 kids ( as was the case then )  . It just didn't appeal to us . Factory life set us up for a life of opinion, this meant pushing against established rules  giving us meaning in each day with a reason to find an escape from the huge hum drum of a production facility. We questioned every thing as to why we do it and we  kicked back at what we thought was wrong . We formed opinion on things like council tax , & the TV License, just being government theft.  We saw management as the enemy, and we were their target. In retrospect we were a nightmare for management, It was however character building for us.  This is why we rewrote the rules of HIFI while we were there , we questioned established theory.

I dislike being chased to do anything, I am aware what has to be done and I normally get it done.  I don't like to be chased . I love people no matter their background.  I do not like to see anyone just existing. To me music and sound makes life so much more enjoyable . Memories are made by music of places and times . I live for music - all types of music, and when I designed the OA21 ULTIMATE it had to be the best.  I know your life will change  once you hear it. I know it is the best integrated amp ever made, more than this I know what it took to create it and how long it took to make it perfect. I have not heard a better integrated amp and I am proud of it .Like all great products it has the person that designed it built in . Design computers have no ears or personality .

I am my own man and proud of it , I live by my own ideals, I think this creates an innovative design engineer in many different ways.
I work to standards I would expect , "if its not good enough for me, its not good enough for you either " . Time is our most precious commodity ,wasting time is my biggest hate, but wasting time by accepting  inefficiency of others just makes me crazy . I think jealously is a self destructive emotion, so it has no place in my life. I know progress is driven by learning from others and learning from history every single day we live, improvement is essential and no one is perfect. All of us can be better people each day . I set out to make the most of time , with people that share my ideals and in particular with people that see positive in our world .

I know many people have said I am " opinionated and on the edge of rude" - to some I am, I admit it.  Likewise it has also been said I am unique and direct,  I admit that too  . Either way my life has been a journey that I would not change for anything , not a single day many people can say that ? I have been privileged to have lived my life, but I believe I embraced opportunity
more than most being grateful for every day I have had so far . I strive to have many more years, and I welcome positive people to join me . Luck does not exist as luck is when opportunity meets ability - for everyone .


Enjoy the music while you still can

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